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Military Research

Vanessa is Chris’ live-in girlfriend. She is someone who can be described as the quiet gothic girl. She loves reading fantasy novels, especially the science fiction ones, an affinity which she and Chris share. This is what attracts Chris to her. She is not the typical girl guys like Chris go for (in fact she is the complete opposite).

One day she discovered what Chris’ fantasy girls looked like. At first she was disgusted by these over tanned fake bimbos with huge round silicone orbs glued to their chest. Their bodies looked like something out of a adult comic book in the clearance isle or in a fan service manga at your local Japanese Anime store. She wanted to be the object of her man’s fantasies, she wanted to look like these girls but with her own flair.

But how?

She was not a witch or biochemist but she knew someone who was both. Her friend Sara that is. Sara works at the University in the bio-chemistry lab as a professor. She remembered Sara talking about this formula that she had been working on. Combining both science with magical potions to produce what Sara called the “ultimate love potion”. She instructed her that it takes about 20 minutes to take affect once she drinks the potion. The affects will allow Vanessa to take control of her body and morph it into what ever she likes and she can also control her lover body too when touches it.

Vanessa races back from the university excited to try out her new potion. She parks her car and runs up to the apartment. Her hands trembled with excitement as she opened the test tube. Her small thin lips wrapped around the tube. She then tipped the test tube backwards as the bright green fluid disappeared into her mouth.

"Now I wait," she though.

Twenty minutes felt like a lifetime, she felt like time stood still waiting for her potion to take affect. Finally time was up and like clock work she felt a warm wave flow through her body. Her body tingled like it was being charged with electrical energy.

"I’m home!" Chris yelled like something out of a 90’s sitcom.

"In here" she purred. Chris walked in a flipped on the lights.

"What are you up to?" he asked playfully.

"Just watch" she said. Her breasts begin to swell and grow rounder with perfect spherical shape, her nipples thickened in girth and length tripling in size. Her tits grew massive ripping through her tiny shirt. She began growing taller ripping through her thin panties and shirt. "Yes" she said grow baby grow" Grabbing her now increasingly giant breasts. Her body arched back and forth with pleasure as she screamed "oh god yes, more, more!"

Chris watched with amazement as his mousy tiny girlfriend was transformed into this raven haired amazonian porn star. He felt his cock straining against his slacks.

"Come here" she said he acknowledged happily. "I have a few more surprises for you" she purred. Vanessa pulled Chris’ very hard cock out of his pants. She then opened her mouth as she her tongue lengthened and wrapped around Chris’ cock.

"Holy shit!" he said. He watched his cock grow 6x what it was into a monster. She then took his cock in her mouth and deep-throated the whole slowly straining her mouth around the massive meat. Chris and Vanessa had sex all night and at the end she finally asked him: "So… am I your fantasy girl now"

"Hell yeah."

"Good, then take me my love…"

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Over at Expansion Fan we’ve got the release of our long awaited full body inflation comic Lin’s Rounding! For those of you wanting us to branch out from just breast and ass expansions, this comic is for you!

Synopsis: After a girl receives some special spices from a strange shop, she finds that they have a more impressive effect on her than she ever expected.

Release Date: August 21st, 2014

Author: Dragon6860

Artist: Hart (Sedna Studios)

Tags: Inflation, body expansion, breast expansion, ass expansion, clothes ripping, gradual

Issue Link: Lin’s Rounding

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A woman is immobilized by hacked technology in this panel from Hivemind.

Synopsis: In the distant future humans are accustomed to gene therapy, nanobots and other technologies that allow them to live longer and healthier than ever. An exploit in the human operating system is found that allows for remote manipulation of the human body.

Issue Link: Hivemind

Have you ever sat down to watch your favourite Television series and thought to yourself: “man, I love all the bizarre plot-lines, eccentric characters, and swashbuckling adventures, but wouldn’t it be great if they added some expansion fetish fuel once in awhile?”

…No? Well that’s weird, because one of our writers did and we paid him to turn it into a comic!

Professor When: where sci-fi adventure meets sexy transformation shenanigans!

Synopsis: Seeking peace and quiet, the heroic time-traveller The Professor (and his companion Pam) arrive on a space station plagued by gun-toting playboy bunnies, a perverted dictator, and an alien weapon of unimaginable power…

Release Date: August 7th, 2014

Author: Valeyard Vince

Artist: Crimson

Tags: Breast expansion, ass expansion, gender swap, bimbo, lesbian, pleasure, can’t move, clothes ripping, science, beautification, transformation, mind control, GIGA breasts

Issue Link: Professor When: The Pervertrix Peril

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Lara’s Inflatable Experience

Lara Croft dives down into the Mediterranean Sea to find the Lost City of Atlantis. What she finds amazes her, for she has found an underwater city as divinely magnificent as the heavens themselves, and hundreds of mermaids coming to and from the city.

Little did she know though, mermaids are mischievous creatures and not to fond of surface-dwellers. Before she can get any decent photographs, Lara is ambushed by a horde of very beautiful but dangerous mermaids.

They turn up Lara’s scuba tank to the maximum level, inflating her breasts, butt, and belly like huge balloons, puffing up her cheeks, bulging her eyes, and filling her senses with fear. This continues as the mermaids turn on and off the tank repeatedly, tease the humiliated diver, and take turns blowing their enchanted air through Lara’s mouth, inflating her even more.

They continue doing this to her until she eventually explodes and the mermaids use her tank to inflate their own breasts like balloons to impress the mermen of their city.

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Julia is wandering in an Italian beach one day when she stubs her toe on a lamp. She inspects the lamp and her curiosity get the best of her. She brings it home to clean. When she starts cleaning, a genie with a rather large bust appears. The genie’s tits are to her navel and Julia is extremely attracted by it. The genie is special in the sense that whatever wish you make first is the subject she sticks with (i.e. if the first wish is sexual in nature she can only grant sexually charged wishes afterwards). Her first wish ends up being a wish to make her breasts larger, not paying any attention to the genie’s warning of her first wish picking her genre of wishes. At first she can control her desire for a larger chest, but it soon gets out of hand.

An Expansion Fan member commission for Zahbuhdoo. To make your own commission request and read all of our breast expansion comics, purchase a 1-month membership to!


A lost hiker gets lost in the woods one day. After a while, she comes upon a beautiful flower. “What a beautiful flower!”, she says as she bends down to smell it…

An Expansion Fan member commission for Joe. To make your own commission request and read all of our breast expansion comics, purchase a 1-month membership to!

In this panel from Becky’s BIG Break, former child-star Becky Tyler makes her triumphant return to the limelight after magically experiencing height increase, lip inflation, hair growth, muscle toning, and (of course) breast expansion!

Synopsis: Desperate for another shot at stardom, an aging child actor is given a much needed overhaul by a mystical necklace.

Issue Link: Becky’s BIG Break

Never Mix Your Potions 2

Selphie had a hard time stifling a moan as she felt the A/C switch on in the observation room for the latest testing of her formula. Her libido was still raging and any shirt or bra was way too rough on her sensitive nipples, which caused her to wander the lab topless (and panty-less) for the last few months as she slowly adjusted to her new body and breasts. She had to spend nearly an hour every six days milking her breasts and squirming on the floor as the pump did its work. Finally after all her research she was ready to test a new variant of her concoction.

She peered through the two way mirror at her newest subject: a young college woman with silky brown hair, lovely brown eyes and a beautiful pixie face. Selphie could only hope she got the formula right for this one so she could become the bustiest and richest woman in the world. With that in mind, she pressed the button to begin the test. ___________________________________________________________________

Sarah was quick to sign up for a medical trial in hopes of paying off her student loans. She barely read the fine print and caught some mumbo jumbo about increased breast size and possible increase in sensitivity. She’d always felt like she was lacking in the chest department at a small b cup, and felt her friends with the bigger boobs always got more attention. That minor jealousy coupled with growing student loans forced her to start doing medical trials. When she found the ad in the paper she could hardly believe her eyes and quickly went down to the clinic to be a test subject.

Now Sarah sat in the experiment room, with naught but a cold metal table and a second chair to keep her company. She was told the experiment shouldn’t take more than an hour and she’d be on her way with the two thousand dollars she was promised for participating in the trial. She drummed her fingers waiting for someone to come in and give her something, either a drink or a pill. Her anticipation was starting to get to her when she suddenly heard the sound of air rushing in.

Sarah’s eyes went wide as the pink mist floated down from the sky and quickly felt a sting of fear as it enveloped the room. Her fears were quickly calmed when the scent was that of strawberries and vanilla. She took a deep breath and enjoyed the scent. It was when her heart started to race that she began to worry again.

A warmth began to take over Sarah’s body centring in her chest and soon felt herself short of breath. She reached up to her chest in reaction and found two large lumps where her breast were. Constrained tightly by her bra, her breasts had quickly grown without her notice. She quickly reached behind her and undid her bra and removed her shirt to watch her breasts continue to grow.

The delightful scent continued to linger in the room as her breasts proceeded to pass the size of her head without any sign of slowing down. Meanwhile there was another distraction as a warmth began to work its way between her legs causing her to squirm in her seat.

The pink haze slowly dissipated and the heat cooled from between her legs. Her breasts came to a slow stop in their growth shortly after. She blinked a few times as she stared at her now massive breasts. Her smile widened as she barely managed to reach around her heavy breasts. Now she’d be the one to receive all the attention her group, and she just paid for her next semester too. She had a few ideas on how to pay for the rest of school as well.

An Expansion Fan member commission for Anrilor. To make your own commission request and read all of our breast expansion comics, purchase a 1-month membership to!


Here comes another preview for our upcoming lineup, this time spotlighting The Redd Effect: the very sexy story of how science (pronounced “SCIENCE!”) gives one girl the perfect, muscular body she’s always craved.

Synopsis: Anya Redd has been struggling to increase her muscles through training without success. She seeks out an old friend of her to help solve that problem with science. A solution is found, which gives Anya quite more than what she expected…

Written by: Rolling Thunder

Artwork by: Hart (Sedna Studios)

Tags: female muscle growth, height increase, breast expansion, clothes ripping, destruction, sex, blowjob, growth during blowjob, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

There is no release date currently set, so please keep an eye on this page for updates as they come!

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