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A rainstorm beat down upon a pair of pointy eared girls as they strode along the shore of a river. Each step of the slick grass threatened to send them into the water. The thunder and lightning cracks lit up the forest walls, shadows jumping out at them, but neither of them appeared afraid.

The continued down the riverside until they came upon a shallow cave with vines and grass covering the entrance. “Mint don’t you think we should take a break from this hunt?” The girl with shorter pointy ears and darker hair asked. She stopped and pointed towards the alcove ahead of them. “Should we take a moment to warm up?” “Sure. I like the rain, but we’ve been at this for a couple of hours now. Lets take a break Lavender.” The teal haired elf with much longer ears nodded to the first.

The two casually brushed aside vines and weeds until they were no longer being rained upon. The beat of the rain outside was still quite loud, but the angle of the cave prevented the rain from getting inside.

Mint pulled a long staff with a crescent at the end from off her back. Red energy shot out and around forming the crescent into a circle. After a bit of fiddling, a ball of gentle light filled the area.

"So you want to impress Lulu by finding some really awesome artifact?" Lavender asked as she began cleaning up her smeared eyeliner. Her force power easily cleaned it up and reapplied the thick black line around her eyes. "I do." Mint stated in a matter of fact kind of way. She shook herself off a bit, her clothing being somewhat rubbery and didn’t hold the water very well so her body was quite slick. Lavender’s clothing was also fairly good at repelling H2O.

"You just like those huge boobs of hers!" Lavender grinned towards Mint who began to blush. "They’re huge and you know you love them! I see the way you stare!" Lavender giggled and Mint stood firm, her face getting almost as red as the red tattoo around her eyes with three dots on her cheeks. "I won’t lie, I like them." Mint smiled a bit. "Are you jealous?" Lavender huffed and turned her back to Mint. "No way!" She shook her head and looked down. "But I’ll lea…" She paused and then got on her knees.

"Hey look at this!" "Look at what?" Mint asked and turned towards Lavender. "Come here!" Lavender half shouted excitedly. She began to dig around what appeared to be a metal object with green glowing lines. "This might be just what we’re looking for!" "An artifact?" Mint knelt down next to her and began to help her dig. The two worked at the edges for a while until suddenly they were blinded by a bright multi colored light.

"Gah!" Mint jumped up and covered her eyes, staggering backwards and dropping her staff. Fortunately it only took a moment for Mint to recover. "What did you do?!" Lavender seemed to recover quickly as well, but she was still on her knees, turned half towards Mint. "It wasn’t me!" Mint half shouted. At the back of her eyes she could feel a strange pinching sensation. it was very soft and eventually disappeared, but was replaced with a very floaty, light feeling. it spread down her neck and past her shoulders. She felt it in her chest and quickly it rushed down to her thighs and butt.

"I feel a bit odd…"

"Me too."

Lavender seemed like she was examining herself for a bit as she stood up. “My nipples are tingling!” She shouted. “What did I say about talking about your nipples?!” Mint half shouted and half laughed, but then she felt the tingling in her nipples too. Mint felt winded suddenly and had to breathe deep. She looked down at her chest, her nipples quite perky all of a sudden. Mint touched them softly and was pleasantly rewarded. She poked them several more times until Lavender shouted again. “My boobs are growing!”

Mint looked up at Lavender and immediately spotted her breasts which were, in fact, slowly growing. Mint didn’t have much of a moment to think and looked back down at her own chest. She gasped at the sight of her breasts gradually pushing forward in her top. “Ah! Mine too!” Mint groped her breasts out of curiosity and felt them growing in her palms. The feeling was rather warm and quite enjoyable as her nipples began pressing roughly into her palms. Mint’s cheeks flushed deeply as she began to casually massage her expanding chest.

Lavender was slightly panicked at first, but also began to fondle her mushrooming melons. “Hey this isn’t so bad.” Lavender began to purr, her cheeks lighting up brightly.

Mint wasn’t so sure and jumped a bit when she realized that her top was transforming. It split open and revealed her miniscule cleavage as the portion about her neck pulled apart and then slide down to her shoulders forming a rubbery, stretchy kind of bra top. Lavender’s top had a less profound change and simply became lower cut.

Mint bit her lower lip as her chest ballooned outward, her flesh squeezing together and building into immense mounds. Mint’s top was rather stretchy and easily accommodated the extra size. Her nipples were rather erect, but plenty contained by her top as were Lavender’s. Mint couldn’t resist and began to squish her breasts together as she watched Lavender’s bust swell further and further. Then Mint noticed something happening to Lavender.

Her skirt began to tighten heavily until it was pressed up against her skin like rubber. Lavender seemed a little uncomfortable at first, but then the skirt slid up and melded with the rest of her outfit making her appear as though she was wearing a kind of one piece swim suit. Mint felt light headed and nearly had a nose bleed when she realized the next thing that was happening to Lavender.

Her hips began to widen and they did so rather quickly and in short bursts making a wide gap between her thighs that made Mint lean forward and almost fall over from the combined weight of her huge melons. “My butt…I think it’s growing too!” Lavender suddenly called out and twisted to look. Indeed her butt was growing too. Mint almost passed out, but instead just began to pant. Lavender’s butt plumped and bulged, flesh overwhelming the back of her one piece bathing suit.

Then it was Mint’s turn. She felt the change and looked down, struggling to look past her enormous breasts which were still filling like balloons being pumped full of pudding. She managed to notice her skirt melding with her shorts and then she watched her hips start to grow. She couldn’t see her butt expanding, but she eagerly reached around and groped it. She could feel her hips jumping in pulses, her knees pressing together to hold her from falling. Mint closed her eyes and tried to focus. Her hips and butt swelled and bulged, her shorts beginning to pop at the seams. Each time they did Mint could feel the loose ends merging with the rest of her shorts.

This continued until her shorts had converted into a thin bikini bottom that was wildly stretched over her child bearing hips. Mint couldn’t take it anymore and began to moan loudly from her expanding figure, that was until she remembered that Lavender was in the room with her.

"No need to stop…" Lavender stated in between gasps. "This feels great!" Mint forced herself to stop and then force Lavender to stop as well. The two of them pressed tightly up against one another, both their faces flush with lust. In a moment of passion the two kissed each other deeply and groped at one another’s still growing features. The kissing turned into making out, the two of them gasping for air in between kisses.

Then suddenly they stopped expanding and the two of them backed off. The two of them were still sweating and breathing heavily, but they seemed to be cooling off. “Wow you kiss really good Mint.” Lavender smiled and Mint averted her eyes. “Sorry…” “Don’t apologize! That was fun! If you ever want to make out again just say so!” Lavender grinned wildly. “Also with a body like that I know Lulu is going to love you!” “Oh gosh…” Mint didn’t know what to think, her flesh bulging up over the edges of her rubbery top and around the edges of her panties. “Do you think she will? I’m so big now…” “Yes she’ll love it! And think of how excited she will be when we show her this artifact! This is the best kind!” Lavender’s smile made Mint a bit more comfortable.

"Yes… I think you’re right."

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A female explorer gains intimate knowledge of local customs in this panel from the first chapter of Going Native.

Synopsis: A British anthropologist gets more than she bargained for investigating ancient Maya culture in the Yucatan. Emily must contend with trapped temples and scheming locals while her breasts bulge out to match the topless natives.

Series Link: Going Native

A nun suffering from a fairy curse does her best to keep her composure in this panel from Twin Troubles.

Synopsis: Twin sisters Alice and Malice return to town, unaware that the gem Malice is carrying has been cursed by a faerie. Every time a man lusts after her, her boobs grow and she gets horny. Trouble starts when her twin sister is ALSO affected by the curse… on the very day she is to be ordained as a cleric.

Issue Link: Twin Troubles

The Cleavage Crusader faces one of her most dangerous foes for the first time in this page from The Cleavage Crusader #2: Defeated By The Deflater?!

Synopsis: Sam has to step up and learn what it takes to be a real hero when she finds herself against an opponent armed with a weapon capable of rendering her powerless & flat!

Series Link: The Cleavage Crusader

A sexy video store clerk uses a strange remote to give herself the ass of a sex icon in this panel from Bra Busters.

Synopsis: A bored video store clerk intercepts delivery of a special home entertainment system from Japan intended for her boss. The remote is actually a smartphone, and as she tests that it’s working she finds a menu in the phone with a number of labelled buttons. She clicks the one marked “breasts” and finds herself growing a pair of tits to match the massively-stacked news anchor.

Issue Link: Bra Busters

Military Research

Vanessa is Chris’ live-in girlfriend. She is someone who can be described as the quiet gothic girl. She loves reading fantasy novels, especially the science fiction ones, an affinity which she and Chris share. This is what attracts Chris to her. She is not the typical girl guys like Chris go for (in fact she is the complete opposite).

One day she discovered what Chris’ fantasy girls looked like. At first she was disgusted by these over tanned fake bimbos with huge round silicone orbs glued to their chest. Their bodies looked like something out of a adult comic book in the clearance isle or in a fan service manga at your local Japanese Anime store. She wanted to be the object of her man’s fantasies, she wanted to look like these girls but with her own flair.

But how?

She was not a witch or biochemist but she knew someone who was both. Her friend Sara that is. Sara works at the University in the bio-chemistry lab as a professor. She remembered Sara talking about this formula that she had been working on. Combining both science with magical potions to produce what Sara called the “ultimate love potion”. She instructed her that it takes about 20 minutes to take affect once she drinks the potion. The affects will allow Vanessa to take control of her body and morph it into what ever she likes and she can also control her lover body too when touches it.

Vanessa races back from the university excited to try out her new potion. She parks her car and runs up to the apartment. Her hands trembled with excitement as she opened the test tube. Her small thin lips wrapped around the tube. She then tipped the test tube backwards as the bright green fluid disappeared into her mouth.

"Now I wait," she though.

Twenty minutes felt like a lifetime, she felt like time stood still waiting for her potion to take affect. Finally time was up and like clock work she felt a warm wave flow through her body. Her body tingled like it was being charged with electrical energy.

"I’m home!" Chris yelled like something out of a 90’s sitcom.

"In here" she purred. Chris walked in a flipped on the lights.

"What are you up to?" he asked playfully.

"Just watch" she said. Her breasts begin to swell and grow rounder with perfect spherical shape, her nipples thickened in girth and length tripling in size. Her tits grew massive ripping through her tiny shirt. She began growing taller ripping through her thin panties and shirt. "Yes" she said grow baby grow" Grabbing her now increasingly giant breasts. Her body arched back and forth with pleasure as she screamed "oh god yes, more, more!"

Chris watched with amazement as his mousy tiny girlfriend was transformed into this raven haired amazonian porn star. He felt his cock straining against his slacks.

"Come here" she said he acknowledged happily. "I have a few more surprises for you" she purred. Vanessa pulled Chris’ very hard cock out of his pants. She then opened her mouth as she her tongue lengthened and wrapped around Chris’ cock.

"Holy shit!" he said. He watched his cock grow 6x what it was into a monster. She then took his cock in her mouth and deep-throated the whole slowly straining her mouth around the massive meat. Chris and Vanessa had sex all night and at the end she finally asked him: "So… am I your fantasy girl now"

"Hell yeah."

"Good, then take me my love…"

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Over at Expansion Fan we’ve got the release of our long awaited full body inflation comic Lin’s Rounding! For those of you wanting us to branch out from just breast and ass expansions, this comic is for you!

Synopsis: After a girl receives some special spices from a strange shop, she finds that they have a more impressive effect on her than she ever expected.

Release Date: August 21st, 2014

Author: Dragon6860

Artist: Hart (Sedna Studios)

Tags: Inflation, body expansion, breast expansion, ass expansion, clothes ripping, gradual

Issue Link: Lin’s Rounding

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A woman is immobilized by hacked technology in this panel from Hivemind.

Synopsis: In the distant future humans are accustomed to gene therapy, nanobots and other technologies that allow them to live longer and healthier than ever. An exploit in the human operating system is found that allows for remote manipulation of the human body.

Issue Link: Hivemind

Have you ever sat down to watch your favourite Television series and thought to yourself: “man, I love all the bizarre plot-lines, eccentric characters, and swashbuckling adventures, but wouldn’t it be great if they added some expansion fetish fuel once in awhile?”

…No? Well that’s weird, because one of our writers did and we paid him to turn it into a comic!

Professor When: where sci-fi adventure meets sexy transformation shenanigans!

Synopsis: Seeking peace and quiet, the heroic time-traveller The Professor (and his companion Pam) arrive on a space station plagued by gun-toting playboy bunnies, a perverted dictator, and an alien weapon of unimaginable power…

Release Date: August 7th, 2014

Author: Valeyard Vince

Artist: Crimson

Tags: Breast expansion, ass expansion, gender swap, bimbo, lesbian, pleasure, can’t move, clothes ripping, science, beautification, transformation, mind control, GIGA breasts

Issue Link: Professor When: The Pervertrix Peril

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