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In this panel from Becky’s BIG Break, former child-star Becky Tyler makes her triumphant return to the limelight after magically experiencing height increase, lip inflation, hair growth, muscle toning, and (of course) breast expansion!

Synopsis: Desperate for another shot at stardom, an aging child actor is given a much needed overhaul by a mystical necklace.

Issue Link: Becky’s BIG Break

Never Mix Your Potions 2

Selphie had a hard time stifling a moan as she felt the A/C switch on in the observation room for the latest testing of her formula. Her libido was still raging and any shirt or bra was way too rough on her sensitive nipples, which caused her to wander the lab topless (and panty-less) for the last few months as she slowly adjusted to her new body and breasts. She had to spend nearly an hour every six days milking her breasts and squirming on the floor as the pump did its work. Finally after all her research she was ready to test a new variant of her concoction.

She peered through the two way mirror at her newest subject: a young college woman with silky brown hair, lovely brown eyes and a beautiful pixie face. Selphie could only hope she got the formula right for this one so she could become the bustiest and richest woman in the world. With that in mind, she pressed the button to begin the test. ___________________________________________________________________

Sarah was quick to sign up for a medical trial in hopes of paying off her student loans. She barely read the fine print and caught some mumbo jumbo about increased breast size and possible increase in sensitivity. She’d always felt like she was lacking in the chest department at a small b cup, and felt her friends with the bigger boobs always got more attention. That minor jealousy coupled with growing student loans forced her to start doing medical trials. When she found the ad in the paper she could hardly believe her eyes and quickly went down to the clinic to be a test subject.

Now Sarah sat in the experiment room, with naught but a cold metal table and a second chair to keep her company. She was told the experiment shouldn’t take more than an hour and she’d be on her way with the two thousand dollars she was promised for participating in the trial. She drummed her fingers waiting for someone to come in and give her something, either a drink or a pill. Her anticipation was starting to get to her when she suddenly heard the sound of air rushing in.

Sarah’s eyes went wide as the pink mist floated down from the sky and quickly felt a sting of fear as it enveloped the room. Her fears were quickly calmed when the scent was that of strawberries and vanilla. She took a deep breath and enjoyed the scent. It was when her heart started to race that she began to worry again.

A warmth began to take over Sarah’s body centring in her chest and soon felt herself short of breath. She reached up to her chest in reaction and found two large lumps where her breast were. Constrained tightly by her bra, her breasts had quickly grown without her notice. She quickly reached behind her and undid her bra and removed her shirt to watch her breasts continue to grow.

The delightful scent continued to linger in the room as her breasts proceeded to pass the size of her head without any sign of slowing down. Meanwhile there was another distraction as a warmth began to work its way between her legs causing her to squirm in her seat.

The pink haze slowly dissipated and the heat cooled from between her legs. Her breasts came to a slow stop in their growth shortly after. She blinked a few times as she stared at her now massive breasts. Her smile widened as she barely managed to reach around her heavy breasts. Now she’d be the one to receive all the attention her group, and she just paid for her next semester too. She had a few ideas on how to pay for the rest of school as well.

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Here comes another preview for our upcoming lineup, this time spotlighting The Redd Effect: the very sexy story of how science (pronounced “SCIENCE!”) gives one girl the perfect, muscular body she’s always craved.

Synopsis: Anya Redd has been struggling to increase her muscles through training without success. She seeks out an old friend of her to help solve that problem with science. A solution is found, which gives Anya quite more than what she expected…

Written by: Rolling Thunder

Artwork by: Hart (Sedna Studios)

Tags: female muscle growth, height increase, breast expansion, clothes ripping, destruction, sex, blowjob, growth during blowjob, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

There is no release date currently set, so please keep an eye on this page for updates as they come!

Another excellent chapter of Dan Standing's popular White’s a Delight but the Redder the Better is out now, and this time around there’s a cat burglar wearing latex and being mind controlled into playing the roll of a sexy French Maid to add to the expansion shenanigans!

I ask you, does it get any sexier than that?

Synopsis: When two friends break into a penthouse and release a genie, they don’t realize how big a problem they’ve got on their hands as things really begin to blow up around them…

Release Date: July 21st, 2014

Author: Dan Standing

Artist: Nekt

Tags: Breast expansion, sex, pleasure, transformation, magic, lesbian, mind control

Series Link: White’s a Delight but the Redder the Better

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Just The Beginning…

Sally was always a pretty girl who got plenty of attention from the boys, and she had a cocky attitude to go with it. So when she steals an experimental growth ray from the local college’s lab where she works as a secretary, she uses it to get a body befitting of her attitude. Her latest boyfriend had always lorded his height over her and make remarks about how she was practically swimming in her clothing. Well, now things were about to change! Moreover, with all of this new muscle she could pay a few visits to some ex’s of hers. That is…if she ever decides to stop growing.

A FemaleMuscleFan writer request for Urza, with artwork by our new favorite artist Eudentenis!

Follow this space for more pinups and updates on our upcoming comics!

A Large And Small Problem

Katie entered the store that her friend had told her about, the mystical shop where they sold potions that could grant your wildest wishes. She hardly believed it, but figured she was out and about and a visit to this place couldn’t hurt.

"Ah, hello!" said the old shopkeep, wearing a nametag that identified him as "Bob"

"Hi. I heard you sell magic potions. Silly, I know, but I was curious about it."

"Well, you know what they say about curiosity, right? It’s the best thing there is!" he said jovially. "What magic might you be looking for?"

She got real quiet and began to whisper. “I’ve always wanted bigger…breasts. To match up with the other girls in the sorority.” she said.

"Well, I think I have just the thing. It’s new and kind of experimental, so tell you what, you can try it right here free of charge." he said as he dug out a bottle with a green liquid inside, the green glowing eerily.

She uncorked it cautiously, then sipped it. It tasted great, so she she began to drink it faster and faster until the bottle was drained. She placed it on the counter. “Tastes good, but…” she started to say when her chest began to throb. Not in pain, but it was certainly an odd sensation. She looked down and saw her B-cups expand out to D-cups in a fraction of a second. She then felt her world grow larger. She looked down and saw larger breasts but her clothes were staring to get loose.

"Oh dear." said the man with a grin. "Haven’t worked out all the kinks yet." he said.

"What do you mean, kinks?!" She said as she shrank down to about four feet tall and her breasts surged to an even larger size.

"Well, it’s taking your body size to help increase your bust size. Minor side effect."

"Minor!?!" she shouted as she felt the sensations in her body intensify.

"Oh no."

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Check it out: our first full-on multi panel female muscle expansion sequence! Now we’re getting somewhere!

Synopsis: The elves have been without a Protector God for several centuries, leaving them at the mercy of orcs, ogres, giants and dragons. One elven adventuress, Hennethel, discovers a potion in an abandoned temple that imbues her with a portion of the Protector God’s strength. If she can find the remaining ones, she will ascend and become a new goddess.

Written by: Edward Gibbon

Lineart by: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

“Damn it, Ivy! I said stop!” Adela desperately tries to grab at Ivy, but the lithe blonde stood just out of reach.

“Stop what? Haha…” Ivy pulls her book away from Adela again, before nudging her with her foot, “I don’t know if you noticed, I stopped reading spells a while ago. I’m not even doing anything anymore!”

“UGH!” Adela lets out a loud huff of annoyance, “You know what I mean, you idiot!”

“Maybe I do; maybe I don’t!” Ivy just shrugs, stepping back into the middle of the room to admire her handiwork. “We’ll just have to wait and see, hehehe…”

Adela lets her bright, green eyes roll back before she flops onto her quite incredible breasts. The young woman had always been quite the busty girl, but after what’s transpired today, there really isn’t any comparison that can be made to those relative mosquito bites. Now, sitting on the floor in front of her and pinning her rather unceremoniously to the ground are breasts bigger than the poor woman’s entire body. They sit round, full and perky as ever in spite of their immense size, allowing her to keep standing hunched over only slightly. Brown nipples top them off like a soft chocolate flourish atop the dessert that is her milky spheres.

Despite her regular experimentation at the lab and all the tricks she’s played on other people, she’s never wound up this big before, and it’s an experience she’s none too happy about. To be ambushed in her own living room like this… it’s unheard of.

To make matters worse, her favourite going-out outfit is utterly obliterated. The sheer, white tank top is gone, long-since split right in two. The straps had given way in spectacular fashion, the sudden loss of support sending her already engorged breasts at the time exploding out of the black halter she had underneath. Threads had popped and seams had split, boob flesh barreling out in spectacular fashion. Without a bra to help hold them back, thanks to it snapping away at barely double her normal size, there was nothing to stop their relentless advance outward. The whole display ended up leaving the chestnut-haired trouble-maker with nothing to block her assailant’s view of her prodigious knockers. All she’s been left with are the torn straps of her tank top still hanging from one shoulder, and a halter top that’s fallen to the ground and disappeared somewhere beneath the expanse of tit. She’s just lucky she hasn’t yet smashed any of her furniture because there’s no way her coffee table would stand up to this kind of weight.

As if that wasn’t enough for Ivy, Adela isn’t alone with her breast expansion, either. On the other side of the room, with only a few feet of distance and Ivy’s mischievous self separating them, is Vanesa. The tall, tanned-skinned brunette is an enticing sight any day of the week. Now, however, all eyes would be trained on one specific part of her body in particular. Adorning the model-like woman’s frame are a pair of similarly perky sweater puppies of her own. Although she hasn’t quite made landfall with tits that cover much of her front in their soft embrace, she’s only moments away. Her exceptional body strength from trying to maintain her svelte figure means she’s been able to carry it all up to this point, but she’s simply too thin to hold out much longer.

“TOUCHDOWN!” Ivy cries out excitedly and throws her hands up into the air as Vanesa hits the ground, the impact nearly shaking the TV off the TV stand, “The Eagle has landed!” Making her way over to Vanesa, she pats the lithe girl’s breasts with her hands, sending boob-flesh jiggling about, “Congrats on joining the massive tit club! Membership: Two!

Unlike Adela, Vanesa doesn’t react in the slightest. Much like Adela, on the other hand, her clothes are utterly ruined. The white blouse she’d been wearing broke away a while ago, her almost as soon as her bra clasp broke and allowed her tits to thrust out into her shirt. The flimsy fabric was meant to be fashionable, not durable, and it stood no chance against her breasts. Opened up in the front, the useless garment still sits from her shoulders, her now exposed breasts keeping much of her attention. She’s barely even disappointed by the loss of such fetching clothes, half in awe over their incredible size and half engrossed in the incredible feeling of their continuing growth. The sudden arrival of boob on floor has reawakened a bit of the concern she felt before, though, and deep down she’s beginning to worry about just how big she’s still expanding.

Adela can see the flittering concern momentarily crossing Vanesa’s eyes and renews her verbal assault on Ivy: “Seriously, Ivy! This has to end, NOW!”

“Calm down, Adela.” Ivy scoffs, rolling her eyes and switching targets as she approaches Adela instead, “Why don’t you just enjoy yourself instead of being such a party pooper?”

“How am I supposed to enjoy myself with THESE!?” She gestures at her tits as she’s forced completely up into a standing position as her boobs spread across the floor around her, “I don’t DO tits this big!”

“Tch, yeah right!” Ivy slides her book between her thighs so she can keep hold of it while freeing up her hands, “I’ve seen you make girls bigger than this before, and I’m sure you know full well exactly how to enjoy these babies…” The almost creepy way Ivy’s grinning at her puts Adela off a little, even with how good it feels to still be getting bigger, “Look, if you stop mine, then I’ll help you out with your next plan, okay? You know I’m good at that kind of thing!”

Vanesa’s gaze finally leaves her own tits long enough to look up and watch the other two, her eyes opening even wider when she realizes Adela’s even bigger than she is, “Hoooly…”

Ivy just snickers, “Sorry, Adela, but you know me.” Ivy reaches out with both arms, spreading them to either side in order to take both of Adela’s nipples into her grip. “I work alone.” With that, she begins to squeeze and pull Adela’s stiff, engorged nipples like a farmer milking a cow, the first barrier breaking down as Adela’s resistance begins to falter.

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"Work In Progress" previews for (in order from top to bottom) Urban Amazon: Birth of a Champion, Rise of the Guardian, and Wrestling Rose.

Urban Amazon: From the pages of “The Cleavage Crusader,” witness the birth of Titan Peaks’ mightiest hero!

Rise of the Guardian: The elves have been without a Protector God for several centuries, leaving them at the mercy of orcs, ogres, giants and dragons. One elven adventuress, Hennethel, discovers a potion in an abandoned temple that imbues her with a portion of the Protector God’s strength. If she can find the remaining ones, she will ascend and become a new goddess.

Wrestling Rose: Melissa Rose was once considered the best female wrestler of the Ultimate World Wrestling Alliance. A botched maneuver later and she ends up with a career ending injury that forces her into retirement. With help from a new experimental serum, she hopes to make one hell of a comeback in the ring!

One of the coolest things about publishing your own comics books is helping develop new talent. Sure, it’s pretty sweet when more established writers like Dan Standing or Jaycee Knight come on board to submit scripts, but there’s something to be said for the rush of discovering fresh, untapped talent.

One such example is Gigajapo, making his grand debut writing our newest ongoing series Inflated Ego. Remember that name everybody: I’m pretty sure you’re going to see a lot more from him very soon!

Synopsis: A class project brings together an unlikely pair - the shy class nerd and the boastful class queen. Things get weird when the class queen begins transforming into a sex doll.

Release Date: July 7th, 2014

Author: Gigajapo

Artist: Forst (Sedna Studios)

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, sex, gradual, penis expansion, pleasure, transformation, magic, inflation, latex, GIGA breasts

Series Link: Inflated Ego

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