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Laura walks into her house somewhat out of breath. The old man’s words kept echoing in her head: “Anything you desire… the body of your dreams.” She shuddered as she thought of the possibilities this book could bring if it were real.

She quickly set it down on the table and flipped it open. The first few pages listed specific changes, eye color, race, gender, then she found a page that simply said “The body of your desires”. She thought about it for a moment, then figured this would be a good a place as any to start. She unbuttoned her jacket and prepared herself, then said the incantation.


She waited a moment before feeling a slight pressure under her shirt. she reached up and felt more of a chest than there was a moment ago. She gasped, and her excitement translated into her flesh as her breasts surged forward slightly. She moaned as the first button popped from her shirt and she began to see her tit-flesh through the shirt, turning up her arousal.

She then felt a pain in her waist, looking down she saw her ass had begun to expand as well, stretching the fabric tightly. A rip quickly went up the rear as her growth accelerated again, her breasts forcing their way through her shirt. Her moans began to get louder as her body grew larger and larger.

As her breasts reached basketball size and her ass was three feet across she realized her height was increasing as well. This discovery send her over the edge as her growth surged forward, shooting her up several feet as her ass filled the sofa behind her and beyond. Her breasts and engorged nipples kept pumping fuller and fuller, almost beyond her reach.

Laura only desired now to be bigger than before.

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Another fan favourite returns with the second issue of Mac Rome’s To Have & To Hold, where we see the happy couple as they enjoy post-marital bliss and try to build a foundation for the life ahead of them. But is a happy ending even possible with Ana’s two obstacles still growing before them?

The honeymoon may be over, but the expansion sure as hell ain’t!

Synopsis: The magic of Ana Bittan’s engagement ring enlarges her breasts only until she’s legally married. But an error by a new pastor means her marriage to Ryan Bittan isn’t legal. Her breasts are already gigantic, and, while things get sorted out and Ana learns to deal with her increasing size, her boobs just keep growing … and growing … and growing …

Pages: 15 + Cover

Tags: Breast expansion, nipple expansion, gradual, sex, clothes ripping, nipple expansion, immobile, TABOO breasts

Author: Mac Rome

Artist: Seneca (Sedna Studio)

Comic Series Link: To Have & To Hold

Fearful of being typecast by the success of Cold Steel, Becky Tyler found herself signing onto a peculiar romantic comedy about an engaged couple with a magic ring that granted an unusual gift on its wearer… While it wasn’t the most critically acclaimed film of the year, it was one of the highest grossing, and even got Becky an Oscar nomination for her personally made “special effects!”

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Jess Johnson was a struggling cartoonist working late one evening. When a sudden summer lighting storm startled her into overturning the container of paint she was using, you can imagine her amazement when the substance started changing her body wherever it touched. Following a twisted muse, she began to spread and alter her own body with her brush, making her body into a wonderland of lush, curving lines.

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The Ghostbusters get a call from the Playboy Mansion that three female ghosts are terrorizing the models. The Busters rush to their need, not knowing the Ghosts can possess and hide within individual body parts. Thankfully it leaves a noticeable swelling in mass. The three Ghosts are finally captured when our heroes corner them all hiding in a single model.

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For the second sneak-peak at our upcoming comic lineup, we decided to release something a little different: all three of the currently submitted cover layouts for our gun-slinging, time-traveling, muscle draining Western adventure!

Coyote Winds

Synopsis: Nina Covey and her boyfriend, Brady Carlin, are cursed by Native American trickster spirit Coyote. Sent back in time to the U.S.’ old West, muscle and size switch from Brady to Nina every time a coyote howls on the wind. To end the curse, they must solve a mystery and get home. But as Brady gets smaller, he becomes a target of a criminal. Can Nina outsmart the curse?


Avenger BFFs

Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk, has heard her best friend Janet Van Dyne brag about what a great lover Hank Pym is. Knowing Jan and Hank like to change things up and get kinky with various aspects of size, Jennifer suggests seeing what happens when you irradiate Pym Particles with gamma rays, the source of the Hulks’ powers. She helps Jan do it as part of a deal; if it works to give Jan more muscle, they’ll share Hank between them for one night. Jan loves the idea. They present the results to Hank, and it’s getting late …

A Female Muscle Fan commission for Macromega. Follow this space for more pinups and updates on our upcoming comics!

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